February 28th, 2012; an accident, the hospital, recovery and an inspiration. After falling three stories from a fire escape, Rebecca Lewis found herself with a new titanium spine and a new outlook on life. A motto was born; Beauty from Tragedy. A creative mind could not be stifled by bed rest and before the end of that spring the jewelry line Gramercy Eight was created.


Rebecca’s design aesthetic incorporates delicate metals with raw elements straight from nature. From simple stacking rings to chunky crystal necklaces, there is a piece for everyone in her shop. Gramercy Eight specializes in sterling silver, gold, rose gold, brass, crystals, geodes, and druzys. Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted to capture wearable timeless beauty.


Rebecca Lewis is the founder and head designer for Gramercy Eight. She attended SCAD and FIDM for fashion design and product development. She was an assistant designer for Perch in 2010 and the following year launched her own clothing collection Eternal Perspective. Rebecca has just relocated back to Los Angeles from Georgia, to continue her recovery closer to her doctors and expand Gramercy Eight.